CEBO is an exclusive culinary offer based on the concept of contemporary, progressive and free cuisine, dedicated to the local product and renewed according to season.

Sand Dune Sunrises

Sand dune sunrises, make my holidays in the natural beauty of early mornings come real. Nothing better in life than to start a day like this.

80 Grados

Ochentagrados Eighty Grades respects the maximum properties of food, so their philosophy when it comes to cooking is, whenever you can, not exceed 80 ° temperature then respecting the products so that they do not lose their properties. This was a top find when food touring in Madrid. Total respect..enjoy. Truffles, sous vide poached egg, iberico…

Street XO London

Asian-European fusion from David Munoz, Spanish chef, opened DiverXO in Madrid, a restaurant serving fusion cuisine. In 2010, DiverXO earned Muñoz his first Michelin star, followed by a second in 2012. In 2013, the restaurant became the eighth in Spain to be awarded with three Michelin stars. Now he brings Street XO to London.

Uma by Iker Eraukin

This is a little gem, this was a little secret restaurant, this is Uma, this is the restaurant very close to my heart, one of my favourite places to eat in Barcelona. Still small enough to feel local, still personal enough to call home and whilst eating through the 10 course tasting menu you will be…

La Candela Resto

Wild, untamed, no corsets, no rules … wild cooking? La Candela Resto with Chef Samy Ali in Madrid, Its a planetary journey of food. Great to see this Restaurant building in popularity and gaining for some great cooking that night. One of my top gems from Madrid. Buenisimo!

Seri Arola Gastro

One for the history books, this restaurant was an experience that can be no more. Recently moved Seri Arola decided to return to his home of Barcelona, cooking now at he Hotel Arts Barcelona, but i have to say his Madrid Gastro restaurant was pure class of a cooking show.  


Here in a magical location overlooking the Bay of Biscay, his diligence and artistic capacity at the head of the kitchen have earned the restaurant, and his cuisine, a place among the international elite. Pedro Subijana at Akelare, San Sebastian, Spain.