Kuuk, meaning “sprout” in Mayan, offers Mérida’s most unique dining experience. Many of the Yucatecan dishes are cooked in the custom built “pibil” oven, a modernized version of the underground cooking method that gives food that smoky flavor. Yes this ones a hit on my list! Fried Pumpkin Snack Pumpkin al pib, yogurt and Sweet…


One of the snacking dishes that stood out as pure street food, pure comfort food while I was in Mexico was Tamales. Masa corn dough little bites sized parcels filled with usually pulled pork or chicken, wrapped and steamed in corn husks. I cooked the recipe written below on my return from Mexico, so now…

Churros Grandes

Churros are so popular all over the world but the Mexicans can cook them with class! (And no health and safety). Click to check out the video…seriously dulce!  

The Taste of Mexico

Food, Mexico, they are the perfect duo. Just a few of my favourite dishes but the wealth and stories behind each dish are so rich, my photos do not show the love people put into making them taste so amazing. Disfutar…

New Year’s Eve on the beach in Cabo de San lucas

One of my best moments in life is this, its was like being on the front line with fireworks surrounding the sky. I was luckily sat in front of the firing firework stations, taking this great shot of a bad timed beach seller taking cover and watching the show. Happy new year