About Me


Food for thought?

My thinking or my philosophy on food has changed over time, what it was years ago when I was a Commis chef in my first hotel, and to where I am now in my career, it has to of changed a lot right? I am chef that has grown with each job that I have been challenged with, i always know time moves on right and has carved a path for me to that next stage of food in a career, but personally it can move on anywhere and that what makes food and cooking so special to you or to others.

Everyone of us has a relationship with food, food can be art, there’s food politics, food ethics, food has science, food experts, everyone is a food critic, food is just so magical and to supply us with so many options of how to engross it, then we as chefs are no different than anyone, we just learn’t a way to cook it.

Keep food real to you, keep it from your heart, keep it as a everyday gift, keep it personal to you and keep it special for whoever may eat it. As long as you are yourself with food then your personality will shine through so that is good enough for me to eat it.