This restaurant, embodying the DSTAgE – Days to Smell Taste Amaze Grow & Enjoy is the new project by renowned chef Diego Guerrero. The chef makes his debut as an entrepreneur with a commitment to a haute cuisine format evolving within the line developed in recent years under a “concept of haute cuisine which is exempt of many courses” which has earned him recognition in the Michelin Guide 2015. Nothing else to say but photos do not do this restaurant justice, again food at the very best in Madrid.

Persumeded Anchovy
Presumed as Anchovy
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Moche of Sweet Mole, Sweetcorn and Coconut water
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Ceviche of Prawns, Tigers Milk and Rocoto Peppers
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Tomato Garum
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Tranche of Pumpkin and Sea Urchin
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Dublin Bay Prawn, Garlic and Kombu

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exif_temp_image 8
Roasted Onion in Coffee, Sweet Pea Tears and Wild Mushrooms
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Braised Tuna Neck and Spanish Black Pudding
exif_temp_image 10
Cured Red Mullet with fermented Red Onion and Salmuera
exif_temp_image 11
Pan Fried Breast of Pigeon, Lime and Adobo Chilli
exif_temp_image 12
Melon and Horseradish Fermented Ice Jelly
exif_temp_image 13
Maiz Ice Cream and Candy Floss Wrap
exif_temp_image 14
Mille Feuille of Carrot and Sweet Cream
exif_temp_image 16
Stuffed Garlic to remember the restaurant

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