Kuuk, meaning “sprout” in Mayan, offers Mérida’s most unique dining experience. Many of the Yucatecan dishes are cooked in the custom built “pibil” oven, a modernized version of the underground cooking method that gives food that smoky flavor. Yes this ones a hit on my list!

Fried Pumpkin Snack

Pumpkin al pib, yogurt and Sweet Potato

Prawn in Chilpachole, tomato bubbles and Cerveza de Maiz

Tomato, Pibinal Corn, truffle and Chilli

Chaya Joroch in black bean soup

Sea Bass in herbal lemon stew, cucumber and chayote lime

Creole Suckling Pig with Regional FruitsSeasonal Cold BiteRompope Milkshake, corn and milk crisps

Jalapeño Chocolate popper